H188 570x8 C Trailer Tire

H188 570x8 6PLY Bias Tire Max Load: 910 lbs Outside Diameter: 19 Max PSI: 75

Bias Tire Description: The basic carcass of all tires is made up of layers of rubber permeated fabric. These layers are referred to as plies, and the most common fabric used today is polyester. The method or the ?direction? these plies are applied, with relations to each other and to the center line of the tread, The plies on a bias tire run approximately 45 degrees to the center line of the tread, alternating in direction with each layer; thus, they crisscross or run in 90 degree angles to each other. This design or style of construction was common on all tires provided as original equipment, on U.S. built cars, until the early 1970?s.

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  • Item #: TTW-0857086
  • Manufacturer: H188
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