Trailer King II ST205/75R15C

Trailer King II ST205/75R15 6PLY Radial Tire (only) - unmounted Max Load: 1820 Outside Diameter: 27.1 Max PSI: 50. Load Range C

Radial Tire Description: A radial tire is constructed differently. Rather than diagonal nylon plies that meet in the centerline it's made with polyester cords that run perpendicular from bead to bead, up over the face of the tire and down each sidewall. In other words it's "wrapped" at a right-angle to the direction of the tread. On the face of the tire over this polyester wrap, is a belt that runs below the tread. The belt is nearly the width of the tire and runs the circumference. This gives the tire a "squared" look. Though belts used to be made of rubber-coated fibers nearly all belts today are made from steel fibers. Hence the steel-belted radial. This belt helps stabilize the tread, reducing wear. Because of the construction of a radial tire, the sidewall will always have a bulge at the point of contact

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Trailer Tire
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  • Item #: TTW-15205R6KT
  • Manufacturer: Trailer King II
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